Lodge Diaries: In The Occasion Of The Initiation Of A Sister

//Lodge Diaries: In The Occasion Of The Initiation Of A Sister

Most Worshipful Grand Master,

dear Brethren who sit at the East, dear Brethren who in your Degrees and Dignity adorn the Columns of this enclosure dedicated to Thought and Work, in which the immanence of the Creator of the Worlds is concretized, in the abstract temporality of becoming, this evening we have welcomed in our fraternity a new dearest Sister.

Crossing the boundary between the Space of the Finite and the Time of an Infinity, of a World by the most badly idealized, in this Temple which represents in its symbolism the atypical image of the interiority of that universal being defined as man, you have decided to come back to yourself.

We, men of doubt, artisans of the Soul, flee from the parody of the ephemeral to scrutinize the everyday life of materiality as appearance, as images of our dreams, of our past.

In the slow proceeding of your steps, in the darkness of your mind, you retraced the foundations of your creation, of your conception, in the condensation of the Elements.

Sister, welcome to a different world! This is the Temple of a different Time.

Remember: those who exist for the Earth will not be able to experience the immensity of Heaven.

Starting from today, sitting in the first seat of the Column of the North, in line with the Rough Stone, you will stay silent; you will revisit your past, you will work on a present embedded in a saying, to recognize your Soul in your intimacy, deep in that shapeless stone, and trace its future.  The third Light of the Lodge – the Junior Warden – will be your guide.

We Brethren of today, everlasting Brethren, are the echo of your conscience, faceless beings; beautiful or ugly, unpleasant or nice, we are your brothers of a chimera called destiny.

During your initiation, a secret that many have not imagined, but fundamental for the journey of an Initiate, has been revealed to you: you were born “free”. The shadow of ignorance and dogmas conceal your nature, the innate beauty of every human being created in the “image and likeness of G-d.”

On the signs of this Temple the Paths that combine the emanation, creation and formation aimed at coagulating the principles of Nature are overshadowed; such as Fire, Air, Water to build, design, and sacralize the human being.

This is not a circus, there are no jugglers or acrobats but men of “desire”; to the greedy of power, to the ignorant we leave the time of darkness: in the oblivion of the ego they will be able to buy the Earth but not Heaven.

It’s the same the world over. Freemasonry won’t give you any gift, it does not sell Knowledge and Truth, but requires from you your work of introspection, the sacrum facere, to give you the possibility of recognizing yourself as a Freemason: you Daughter of the Light which spreads throughout the Whole with the supernatural Spirit.

The Respectable Lodge “Monte Sion”, at the East of Forlì, is now your  family, in which the flavour of sharing can be the representation of the divine plan: Unity of all things.

Each meeting, our sessions, will not be a trivial appointment but the reuniting of our aspirations, the soaring beyond the miseries of everyday life, to shape our hearts in unison to the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe.

Heirs and unsuspecting custodians of the Western esoteric tradition, we forget the evanescent sense of the interior.

Our task, and interest, from the outside to the inside, is to experience Rituality, the practice of the Real Initiation and in our intimacy to experience the inconceivable ethereal Essence that pervades the whole of a body that has become a Temple.

You are in me, as I am in you.

From myself and on behalf of all the attending Brethren, a heartfelt Triple Fraternal Embrace.

The Orator of the Lodge

Order is Balance.

Balance is Harmony.

Harmony is Love for one’s self and for the Whole.



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