Paths To The Enlightenment : Two Days In Harmony in Terra del Sole

//Paths To The Enlightenment : Two Days In Harmony in Terra del Sole

The days dedicated to the event “I Sentieri della Luce” (Paths To The Enlightenment) ended with a solemn ritual meeting at the Masonic House of Forlì. The public conference open which took place in Terra del Sole (FC) on 8th and 9th October, in the prestigious Palazzo del Pretorio, saw the interventions of eleven illustrious lecturers who dealt with issues related to spirituality, hermeticism, symbolism and initiatory tradition. There was a large presence of audiences from various parts of Italy. Preceded by the very welcome greetings of the Mayor of Castrocaro Terme and Terra del Sole, Mrs. Marianna Tonellato, the conference opened with a moving memory of Dr. Bruno Poggi from Forlì, who passed away in 2016, a doctor of extraordinary human qualities, and a Freemason, to whom the Centre for Traditional Studies of Forlì is dedicated. The presence of the widow, Mrs. Tina, was very welcome, received with sincere affection by the Grand Master the M.W. Bro. Marco Galeazzi.

The two days of the public conference were sealed by two festive dinners at two excellent restaurants in the area, where the participants were able to appreciate the proverbial hospitality of Romagna and the quality of the local cuisine.

Terra del Sole, an ideal city, built according to the rules of sacred geometry and inspired by universal harmony, could only be the best place to spend two peaceful inspiring days favoring personal enrichment.

The Centre for Traditional Studies “Bruno Poggi” of Forlì and the Grand Liberal Lodge of Italy thank the Municipality of Castrocaro Terme – Terra del Sole and the Pro-Loco Terra del Sole Association for granting the patronage and for the availability and collaboration shown in organizing the conference.


Introduction by the M.W. Grand Master                        View of the conference room                                                    During a lecture

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