Two New Lodges in Taranto: “Ai Martiri del Libero Pensiero” no. 34 and “Lo Specchio” no. 35

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A warm welcome to the two new lodges in Taranto that have recently joined the Gran Loggia Liberale d’Italia: the lodges “Ai Martiri del Libero Pensiero” No. 34 and “Lo Specchio” No. 35. These lodges have now joined the other two lodges of the Gran Loggia Liberale already operating in Taranto, namely “Tiphereth” No. 28 and “Axion Esti” No. 29.

The Grand Master Luisa Ceravolo, who visited Taranto on the 3rd and 4th of May, accompanied by the Past Grand Master Marco Galeazzi and the Senior Grand Warden, officially presented the admission patents to the two new lodges during a solemn and festive ritual gathering that brought together the Brothers and Sisters of the four lodges in Taranto.

The names chosen by these new Masonic entities of the Gran Loggia Liberale are highly significant from a symbolic and esoteric perspective. “Ai Martiri del Libero Pensiero” (To the Martyrs of Free Thought) recalls the indispensable value of freedom of conscience and expression, principles for which many have sacrificed their lives. It serves as a constant reminder for the Sisters and Brothers to pursue the search for Truth with courage, undeterred by prejudice or external impositions.

“Lo Specchio” (The Mirror), on the other hand, evokes the equally fundamental Delphic precept “Know Thyself,” the beating heart of every authentic initiatory path of inner growth. Like a reflection in a clear mirror, the Lodge aims to help Brothers look within themselves with clarity to fully understand their spiritual journey.


Il Gran Maestro e la torta al termine della conviviale
The Grand Master and the “special” cake at the end of the dinner
A gift from the Brethren in Taranto



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