Artificial Intelligence and Ethical Conscience – March 16, 2024 in Monza

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A New Challenge For the Good and Progress of Humanity

Artificial intelligence is making giant strides, opening unprecedented possibilities but also raising new ethical questions on how to regulate these technologies for the good of all.

An informed debate on these issues is urgently needed.

On 16 March 2024 the Grand Liberal Lodge of Italy is organizing the meeting “Artificial Intelligence and Ethical Conscience” in Monza, at the Sporting Club, Viale Brianza 39.

Prof. Vito Mancuso and Edoardo Calia, engineer, will guide the participants in a reflection on the relationship between technological progress and human consciousness, between machines and ethical responsibility.

We will discuss the vast application potential of artificial intelligence but also the possible risks such as algorithmic discrimination, creeping surveillance, the loss of human jobs. The objective is to understand how to develop an ethical compass to guide technology towards respect for human dignity and the collective good, in line with the EU provisional regulation on artificial intelligence, the first legislative proposal in the world aimed at guaranteeing systems of safe AI that respects fundamental rights.

We look forward to seeing you for an interactive meeting, with space for questions from the public. The mandatory reservation for the conference, with a donation of 15 euros, supports the fundraiser promoted by the Kiwanis District Italy-San Marino ETS in favor of Unicef ​​for the vaccination campaign for children. The “Artificial Intelligence and Ethical Conscience” event is a unique opportunity!

Please mind that only 200 seats available to participate in this extraordinary reflection: advance seat reservation is required (see below).



  • 30pm – Welcome to the public and greetings to the guests by Luisa Ceravolo, President of the Grand Liberal Lodge of Italy and Francesco Garaffa, Governor of the Kiwanis District of Italy – San Marino.
  • 00pm – Lecture by Edoardo Calia, Chief Technology Officer of the LINKS Foundation
  • 30pm – Lecture by Vito Mancuso, philosopher and theologian, on “Ethics and Artificial Intelligence: A Challenge for Humanity”
  • 30pm – Public interventions with questions and answers to the speakers
  • 00pm – Closing of the event

The RAI News journalist Nello Rega will be the moderator of the conference.

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