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Who We Are

The Grand Liberal Lodge of Italy was established according to the will of 15 masonic blue lodges, all composed of Brothers and Sisters of long masonic experience. Strongly believing in gender equality and animated by the spirit of freedom, the founding lodges have decided to give life to a new masonic Order that, while respecting the values of Tradition, shall be shaped to fulfil the expectations of the current times and face the challenges of the future.
The aim is to practice the first three degrees of the symbolic Freemasonry, that is Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason, rediscovering the purest moral and spiritual values of ritual practice, studying its history, evolution and meanings, so that these may be teaching for everyday life, with the hope of contributing to the progress of society.
The lodges of the Grand Liberal Lodge of Italy base their values on the fundamental principles of Freedom, Equality and Fraternity, which are meant as:

  • Absolute freedom of conscience and respect for democratic rules
  • Equal rights among all human beings
  • Mutual understanding, respect and relief towards every human being
    While not interested in politics and religion, the lodges of the Grand Liberal Lodge of Italy honour their Homeland and fully comply with the laws and regulations of the Country; they respect every religion and those who practice it, and accept among their ranks men and women of every religious faith, rejecting all forms of fanaticism and discrimination.

The Grand Liberal Lodge of Italy is a member of C.L.I.P.S.A.S. (Centre de Liaison et d’Information des Puissances maçonniques Signataires de l’Appel de Strasbourg) since May 20, 2023

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The Grand Master

The new Grand Master of the Grand Liberal Lodge of Italy is Sister Luisa Ceravolo.
Humanistic education (Ancient Literature), professional career in the commercial area of an American multinational in the IT sector and then as a consultant in an application area relating to business flows and organisation…

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The Grand Liberal Lodge of Italy is a community of masonic lodges of men and women which work the first three degrees of symbolic Freemasonry: Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason.
The Grand Dignitaries and some of the Grand Officers of the Grand Liberal Lodge are the members of the Executive Council.

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“We are always looking for something that complements us…
to evolve in doubt, to know ourselves in the experience
and in the life of brotherhood”.

Where we areOur Lodges

The headquarter of the GLLI is in Torino in via Carlo Alberto no. 55. Our lodges are based in the following Italian and foreign locations:


  • Research Lodge “Sancti Quattuor Coronati” no.0
  • Torino – “Heredom” no. 1
  • Bordighera – “Armonia” no. 3
  • Udine – “Janus” no. 4
  • Messina – “Menorah” no. 6
  • Torino – “Ausonia” no.8
  • Beirut – “La Pierre Brute” no. 11 (web site)
  • Ancona – “Stamira Virescit Ankon” no. 12
  • Catania – “Federico II – Memo Platania” no. 15
  • Milano – “Urbis” no. 18
  • Beirut – “Wisdom Light Lodge 88” no. 19
  • Trieste – “Tergestum” no. 21
  • Torino – “Athena” no. 23
  • Torino – “Ibis” no. 24
  • Cagliari – “Pitagora” no. 25
  • Monza – “Sub Rosa” no. 26 (web site)
  • Torino – “Universalitas” no. 27
  • Taranto – “Tiphereth” no. 28
  • Taranto – “Axion Esti” no. 29
  • Potenza – “Ernesto Nathan” no. 30
  • Catania – “S. Andrea di Scozia” no. 31
  • Catania – “Ignazio V Principe di Biscari” no. 32
  • Catania – “Aleph” no. 33
  • Taranto – “Ai Martiri del Libero Pensiero” no. 34
  • Taranto – “Lo specchio” no. 35

The History of Freemasonry In Brief

Freemasonry is an “esoteric discipline”, in the sense that some aspects of its internal activity are not in the public domain, but covered by confidentiality. The members of Freemasonry are called “freemasons” – “franc-maçons” in French – “framassoni” or “liberi muratori” in Italian. The name comes from the alleged offspring of the Company of the Free Masons – an association of operative masons that used to refer to the legend of Hiram, architect of the Temple of Solomon.
Freemasonry was born as an association of mutual aid and moral improvement among craftsmen masons, which later adopted the current speculative guise, turning into an initiatory type of brotherhood characterized by secret rituals, with a worldwide organization.
Its affiliates share the same ideals of both moral and metaphysical nature and the common belief in a Supreme Being, called the Grand Architect of the Universe.

It is not easy to reconstruct, in historically incontrovertible terms, the birth of Freemasonry as a concretely documentable phenomenon and for this reason someone has come to the conclusion that its true origins are lost in history.
The roots of Freemasonry are traditionally traced – by its members – to the construction of Solomon’s Temple (the Inner Temple or Esoteric Temple) and to the legend of Hiram Abiff. According to the Bible, Hiram was sent by the king of Tire to Solomon to help him build the Temple. In the masonic legend, the brilliant craftsman instead becomes the architect of the Temple, in charge of the direction of all the works and all the workers. The story has its own mystical interpretation key and refers to the concepts of Perfection, the aim of mystical research, and refers to the Great Work (the work of the Grand Architect who created the Universe), through whose understanding the entrance of the sacred into the profane takes place. Symbolic Freemasonry is based on this mystical vision and therefore it would exclusively deal with a spiritual path.

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How to Join Freemasonry

The Ancient Statutes state:

That union of wise and virtuous men, who with an allegorical meaning is ordinarily called Society of The Freemasons, has always been considered as the sanctuary of good manners, the school of virtue, the temple of philosophy…

Its aim is to work to the perfection of the human heart and propose itself as a necessary mean to achieve this aim, the exercise and practice of virtues. The society of the Freemasons is eminently humanitarian and is incessantly occupied in erecting and building temples to the Virtue and digging deep prisons to the Vice”.

Joining Freemasonry therefore means being ready to work on oneself, to improve oneself, and through one’s own behavior and actions to contribute to the good of humanity.

No special qualifications are required to join a masonic lodge: Freemasonry does not exclude anybody for Country of origin, economic or social conditions, and religious faith. Indeed, the richness of Freemasonry consists precisely in the diversity among its members: what matters is the desire to work on self-improvement through a common work within the lodge.

The procedures for entering one’s own membership to Freemasonry are similar to those of any other association. Of course it is not enough to sign an application form to be directly admitted. In fact, after an interview to learn more about those who propose themselves as future Freemasons, an evaluation process within the lodge starts, which can last months, and whose outcome is unpredictable.

Surely the sincere desire for self-improvement is evaluated, as well as the willingness to respect opinions different from one’s own, to establish fraternal relationship with others and the capacity of confrontation and dialogue. One of the main mottos of Freemasonry is: “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you; do unto others all the good you would have them do unto you”.

Therefore the ideals that Freemasonry conveys, synthetically represented by the trinomial “Freedom, Equality, Faternity” are not an empty enunciation; for Freemasons they are instead a principle of life.

Freemasonry, through the study of symbols and the progression of degrees, transmits an ancient knowledge inherited by the builders of the old cathedrals. The secrets of the Royal Art, that is the Sacred Architecture, transposed today into their symbolic meaning, are a guide, for all men and women of good will, to the construction of their own Inner Temple and of the Temple of Humanity, with the hope to contribute in making the human society more harmonious, supportive and fraternal.

If you think that this path may interest you, and you have the desire to explore the vast world of the masonic heritage, its values, its history and its philosophy, and you are ready to give yourself a challenge, please write to info@glliberali.it, by entering your details and a telephone number to be contacted.
If you are already a Freemason instead, and you want to join one of our lodges, please write to glli@glliberal.it.

“With due respect”
a Freemason is a Man bound to the principles of
Freedom, Equality and Fraternity, tolerant towards
everybody and everything.


Freemasonry is the first and largest fraternal organization in the world, and is based on the belief that every man has the responsibility to contribute to make the world a better place.

Through our culture of philanthropy, we are constantly engaged in giving to those who need most. We take responsibility for the welfare of our brothers but also, and most of all, that of those are on the margins of society. For this reason, our lodges are engaged in identifying situations of need and, with the contribution of all the Brethren of our community, in giving
tangible answers.

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