The Gran Loggia Liberale d’Italia is concretely committed to philanthropy activities.

During the Autumn Equinox 2019, in Matera, GLLI gave a contribution to the “Carlo Levi Literary Park” in Aliano.

A sign of solidarity to confirm the importance of the culture and work carried out in recent years by a symbol of an organization that since 1998 is committed to spreading the literary source as a code for reading the territory, to discover and enhance the different aspects that make up its identity: from the cultural and historical to the natural, from the anthropological to the food and wine.

“Giving a contribution to the ‘Carlo Levi’ Literary Park in Aliano has been a source of joy and pride for us. Culture has always been in our DNA and in our souls. We firmly believe in the dissemination of knowledge and in the preservation of traditions. And then the Literary Park is inspired by a figure who fought so hard for the concept of freedom and free will.

“This day in Aliano has reconnected us with our history in Italy and with those who have made our Republic great”, said Marco Galeazzi, president of the association Gran Loggia Liberale d’Italia, giving the contribution to the president of the Literary Park “Carlo Levi” Antonio Colaviacovo and to the mayor of Aliano Luigi De Lorenzo.

Charity Fund - May 2020

The Grand Liberal Lodge of Italy has activated a Benevolence Fund in which to collect the contributions of the Lodges and individual Brothers, to be assigned to solidarity interventions. The interventions will always be aimed at supporting concrete actions in favor of the weakest, and at providing some relief to those who find themselves in severe economic hardship, whether they are Brothers or ordinary people. Masonic solidarity is a duty, and according to ancient rules it must always be carried out in confidentiality.

The Executive Board, considering the situation that arose following the Covid-19 pandemic, has decided to use the Fund of Benevolence in the first instance for interventions in favor of those who suddenly found themselves in a state of poverty due to the consequent economic crisis.

Anyone wishing to contribute to our solidarity actions, can write to us or contact the Treasury directly at the email address:

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