The Grand Liberal Lodge of Italy is concretely committed to philanthropy activities.

Contribution to the “Noi ragazzi di frontiera” project - June 2022

The Grand Liberal Lodge of Italy, as part of its solidarity activities towards Ukrainian refugees, considered the project launched by the Polish Institute in Rome to support young Ukrainian students, guests at the high schools of Lubaczów in Poland, particularly worthy. The project consists of hosting Ukrainian students fleeing their country because of the conflict to take refuge in Poland and allow them to continue their studies.

Lubaczów is a small town ten kilometers from the Ukrainian border and is a place that allows two cultures to mix. Secondary schools in Lubaczów have become its hub, as they have been educating Polish and Ukrainian students since 2014, giving them a unique opportunity to co-create a multicultural community. Today, in this cruel time of war, the town has become the basis for organizing concrete, effective and quick help for young Ukrainians.

The purpose of the project is to raise funds for young people who have lost everything and who now need simple things, books for school, food, new shoes … Kids who are facing every day a reality they have not chosen, and who live with their mind turned to the families who are fighting for their future.

Freemasonry has always endeavoured to promote the cultural growth of the new generations and spread the values ​​of multiculturalism, while respecting the rights and freedoms of each individual. The Grand Liberal Lodge deeply believes in this and, within the limits of its means, tries to favour all those processes that help young people to be formed according to the values ​​of Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood, in the hope that this will contribute to the construction of a better society.

The Grand Liberal Lodge of Italy, thanks to the contribution of its Lodges, has donated the sum of 4500 euros to the Polish Institute for this project, a sum corresponding to 30 packages / month for the support of young Ukrainian students.

Solidarity In Favour Of The Ukrainian Refugees - March 2022

Unable to remain inert in the face of the tragedy that the Ukrainian people are experiencing, the Grand Liberal Lodge of Italy has launched a solidarity action in favor of Ukrainian civilians, men, women and children, who seek refuge in neighboring countries.

In particular, the Grand Liberal Lodge supports with its contributions two voluntary organizations that operate directly in the refugee camps of Romania and the Slovak Republic:

– the Romanian Masonic Foundation “Solidaritatea Culturala pentru Romania – Ars XXI”

– the Greek-Catholic Eparchy of Kosice (Slovakia) and the European Scouts

Anyone wishing to participate to this solidarity action  can write to for instructions on how to contribute

Charity Fund - May 2020

The Grand Liberal Lodge of Italy has activated a Benevolence Fund in which to collect the contributions of the Lodges and individual Brothers, to be assigned to solidarity interventions. The interventions will always be aimed at supporting concrete actions in favor of the weakest, and at providing some relief to those who find themselves in severe economic hardship, whether they are Brothers or ordinary people. Masonic solidarity is a duty, and according to ancient rules it must always be carried out in confidentiality.

The Executive Board, considering the situation that arose following the Covid-19 pandemic, has decided to use the Fund of Benevolence in the first instance for interventions in favor of those who suddenly found themselves in a state of poverty due to the consequent economic crisis.

Anyone wishing to contribute to our solidarity actions, can write to us or contact the Treasury directly at the email address:

Thanks to the resources of the Benevolence Fund, fed by the contributions of the Lodges and of the Supreme Council of the 33rd and Last Degree – Italian Community of A & A Scottish Rite – 29 ° VII 6017, the following solidarity actions were carried out in Year 2020:

August 2020: distribution of 2.7 tons of pasta to voluntary associations in 18 Italian locations for the supply of hot meals to people in difficulty (see article)

August 2020: cash contribution to our Lebanese Brothers hard hit by the explosion in the port of Beirut

December 2020: second distribution of 2.7 tons of pasta to voluntary associations in 18 Italian locations (see article)

In addition, some financial aid was sent to some Brothers in particular conditions of need, at the request of their respective Worshipful Masters

Contribution to ``Carlo Levi`` LIterary Park

During the Autumn Equinox 2019, in Matera, GLLI gave a contribution to the “Carlo Levi Literary Park” in Aliano.

A sign of solidarity to confirm the importance of the culture and work carried out in recent years by a symbol of an organization that since 1998 is committed to spreading the literary source as a code for reading the territory, to discover and enhance the different aspects that make up its identity: from the cultural and historical to the natural, from the anthropological to the food and wine.

“Giving a contribution to the ‘Carlo Levi’ Literary Park in Aliano has been a source of joy and pride for us. Culture has always been in our DNA and in our souls. We firmly believe in the dissemination of knowledge and in the preservation of traditions. And then the Literary Park is inspired by a figure who fought so hard for the concept of freedom and free will.

“This day in Aliano has reconnected us with our history in Italy and with those who have made our Republic great”, said Marco Galeazzi, president of the association Gran Loggia Liberale d’Italia, giving the contribution to the president of the Literary Park “Carlo Levi” Antonio Colaviacovo and to the mayor of Aliano Luigi De Lorenzo.

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