Third Meeting of “La Cassa di Risonanza” in Turin

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The third public meeting of “La Cassa di Risonanza”, organized by the Cultural Society “Aletheia”, will be held in Turin on 10th May at 8:00 p.m. at the “Real One” Recreational Club of Reale Assicurazioni, in Corso Agnelli 129.

Cassa di Risonanza is a cultural initiative aimed at people who, in the name of inner growth, wish to question themselves through doubt about the obvious, presumed, “truths”.

Cassa di Risonanza is “intercultural”, and, working under the banner of freedom of thought, is addressed to all those who wish to be part of it, without any distinction.

Cassa di Risonanza encourages dialogue between the different points of view, a dialogue that gives rise to greater objectivity and translates into group knowledge and wisdom.

Cassa di Risonanza organizes meetings in which the speakers, developing the topic, trigger discussions among the participants who, thanks to their questions, will contribute to the deepening of the issues.

The theme of the May 10’s meeting is “The Metaphor of Light”.

Light, a physical phenomenon necessary for life and whose nature is still being studied, has taken on symbolic meanings linked to the transcendent over the centuries. On the theological, esoteric and quantum-physical aspects of Light, three illustrious lecturers will give a speech at the Turin meeting: the philosopher Prof. Marco Chiauzza, Director of the Albert Einstein High School in Turin, Dr. Marco Galeazzi, Grand Master of the Grand Liberal Lodge of Italy, and Dr. Alessandro Volta, physicist.

The interventions of the public will obviously be appreciated.

Turin, 10 May 2023 at 20:00 at the “Real One” Recreational Club – Corso Agnelli 129

The meeting will be visible online. Those who are interested can request the link at the address:

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