March 8, 2021

//March 8, 2021

For those who honestly believe in gender equality, March 8 cannot be the only occasion to remember all the women who have suffered injustice in their lives only because they are considered inferior beings. Those who honestly believe in gender equality and equal rights for every human being must make their voice heard every time a woman is offended, humiliated and struck just because she is considered the personal property of her husband, father, boyfriend or brother.

Those who honestly believe in gender equality must work to ensure that all women, in every country of the world, are guaranteed the freedom to choose how to lead their lives, without restrictions and limitations, and that they are guaranteed the right to seek their own happiness.

The States must do it, through legislation that condemns any abuse of women, concrete or devious; social institutions must do it, through an action of cultural education towards the new generations, young men especially, so that they are not attracted by the persuasive logic of “the dominance of the stronger sex”, which in fact hides a stupid cowardice.

Women have been carrying on this battle for decades, and they do it with determination but, unfortunately, it is the men who will make the difference, if they can understand how necessary it is to overthrow and bury all forms of discrimination, for the good of all, especially of our sons and our daughters.

Therefore we, the members the Grand Liberal Lodge of Italy, make an appeal to all Masonic organizations that still bar their doors to women: that they give an example, finally recognizing that appealing to the “solar nature” of Masonic initiation is only an excuse to justify an obsolete tradition that still “tickles” male pride and that dates back to when, even in Europe, women were given a secondary social position.

We, the Grand Liberal Lodge of Italy, as well as many other Masonic communities even older than ours, accept the Sisters in our temples, without any discrimination or limitation of positions, and we are proud of it. The presence of the Sisters gives completeness to the Masonic path and makes the Masonic Temple the true Temple of Humanity.

Honor therefore to our Sisters and especially to those, in ten out of twenty-two lodges currently active, who have been chosen by their Brethren to carry out the onerous, but prestigious, role of Worshipful Master.

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