Freemasonry And Covid-19

//Freemasonry And Covid-19

It seems incredible to anyone that a microscopic lump of RNA can influence the fate of the world in such a profound way, to the point that we are already talking about “epochal changes”.

A prolonged state of emergency, as has always happened in the long periods of crisis that have affected the whole world, has brought out the worst and the best of humanity. The worst consisted of attitudes of blind bias, of illogical conspiracy, of exaggerated adherence to models of state authoritarianism, of unscientific self-harm, of irrational denial of reality in the name of a misunderstood right to freedom of action. These deteriorating attitudes, albeit different from each other, have all generated fear, divisions, uncertainties, mistrust, unproductive and harmful protagonism, perplexity, disobedience, speculation, as unfortunately happens in times of war. The best came first of all from the constant – at times heroic – work of the categories professionally committed to fighting an invisible evil and very skilled in changing to evade the strategies put in place to stop it, then from the convinced popular adhesion to the necessary restrictions put in place in the periods of greater spread of the pandemic, in the name of a higher interest, and, finally, by the united spirit that for a few months has permeated us Italians, freeing us from the cliché of being a people who are not very inclined to discipline, individualistic and provincial.

Freemasonry has particularly suffered from the ongoing crisis due to the fact that it refers to the principles of brotherhood, love for individual freedom, altruism, which push its members to the continuous exchange of ideas in the name of a common and shared need to improve themselves, for themselves and for others. The interminable period of closure of the offices and limitation to the work of the Lodges, whose members can meet by videoconference only, has harmed our institution, causing serious damage. Fraternity draws nourishment from dialogue and mutual attendance, love for individual freedom is strengthened in the confrontation between people and in the daily respect for shared values, altruism is strengthened in attending the rituals, where the continuous cultural exchange is the consequence of the desire to know and love the “different from oneself”. It goes without saying that the pandemic has limited our right to these life choices. Fortunately, belonging to a liberal Masonic Order also gives us two formidable antibodies: the first is called Solidarity, the second Tolerance. With the first we can face the consequences of the pandemic by helping others, offering our contribution in the most appropriate ways to those who suffer and replacing the speculative approach in the initiatory field with the maximum effectiveness in the profane field to preserve and reinvigorate the best we had drawn from ourselves. With the second antibody we will be able to overcome the illiberality that arises from the emergency, but like good farmers we must demonstrate that we know how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

This ability will help us not to succumb to the flattery of profiteers and speculators (in the worst sense of the word) who are born and multiply in times of war. They are people who find in ignorance, fear, mental laziness, and the abjuration of liberal principles the fertile ground to be able to develop their own petty interests.

In conclusion, we’d better always remember what the genius of Ulm, Albert Einstein said: “Crisis is the greatest blessing for people and nations, because crisis brings progress. Creativity arises from anguish as day arises from dark night. It is in the crisis that inventiveness, discoveries and great strategies arise”.

Basically, we must not fear crises, because they exist and will always exist, but during crises we must do our best to find solutions and prevent the bad guys from imposing unjustified authoritarian laws, and preventing them from getting rich unduly, denying us fundamental freedoms.  All negative actions that have nothing to do with people’s right to safety and good health.

The Grand Orator (P.S.)

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