The Grand Symbolic Lodge Of Croatia

//The Grand Symbolic Lodge Of Croatia

The Grand Symbolic  Lodge of Croatia (web site) is one of the first Masonic Orders with which the Liberal Grand Lodge of Italy has signed a treaty of friendship and cooperation.

Established in April 2018, the Grand Symbolic Lodge of Croatia has its national headquarters in Rijeka (Fiume) and active lodges in Rijeka, Zagreb and Osijek. It is a mixed Masonic Order, and in its lodges it accepts men and women without any distinction. The lodges of the Symbolic Grand Lodge of Croatia operate according to the rituals of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons and the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

The link between the Symbolic Grand Lodge of Croatia and the Liberal Grand Lodge of Italy, formally sanctioned with the signing of the treaty in Rome on March 16, 2019, is the natural consequence of the similarity between the two Orders: both were founded by Brothers coming from previous Masonic experiences; both believe in the initiatory value of the Masonic path and intend to carry out their activity in full respect of the purest tradition of universal Freemasonry; both believe in absolute freedom of conscience and reject any discrimination linked to gender, origin, religious belief and political faith, admitting Brothers and Sisters as members of their lodges without any distinction.

Furthermore, a strong bond of long-term friendship unites the two current Grand Masters and many other members of the two Orders. In fact, there have been many occasions for meeting, especially between Sisters and Brothers from the North-East of Italy and Croatian Sisters and Brothers.

On the anniversary of their foundation, we therefore wish great success to the Symbolic Grand Lodge of Croatia, in the name of the sincerest sentiments of Brotherhood.

The National Temple in Rijeka
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