Winter Solstice in Turin

//Winter Solstice in Turin

The celebration of the Winter Solstice of the five Turin lodges took place on 19th December at the national headquarters in Turin, attended by the Grand Master Bro. Marco Galeazzi.

The ceremony, conducted by the Worshipful Master of the Lodge “Ausonia”, was attended by numerous Brothers and Sisters, and took place according to the traditional ritual.

Indeed, it is an ancient tradition of Masonic lodges to celebrate the solstitial event, which is identified with the Feast of St. John the Evangelist, patron saint of the ancient masons’ guilds.

The astronomical event, which sees the Sun in its apparent motion reach the lowest point, and which in ancient times marked the times of agriculture and human activities, is today interpreted in its symbolic meaning: the apparent victory of darkness over Light is actually herald of the return of the Light itself.

The man who lives in the present and is distressed by the contingent does not understand that a better future awaits him, as long as he wants it and lets himself be guided, in harmony with his brothers, by trust and hope.

Precisely in this period, more than ever, this saying is significant: “There is no night so long that can prevent the Sun from rising”.

We all must therefore be confident in a better future, if we are able to face the difficulties of life with strength and wisdom, in harmony with ourselves, with others, and with the whole of creation.


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