A Letter From A Liberal Freemason To The Pensée Unique

//A Letter From A Liberal Freemason To The Pensée Unique

Dear Pensée Unique,

you are the only tyrant I have ever written to in my life. They taught me, from an early age, that dictators fight each other with deeds, works, actions and never with words. You, however, have some peculiar characteristics that distinguish you from your predecessors, almost always ended badly and buried in the imperishable contempt of the peoples they oppressed. You not only use the lie, but you love it to the point of pursuing it as the sublime purpose of your unworthy existence and you venerate it so much that you crown it as King and make it sit next to your throne, placed inside the shameless ideological castle you built for celebrating you as Sovereign of the Globalized World. The Lie, your consort, is made up of words, now simple, now composed, which, thrown to the wind, will open the way to the Monarchy of Thought, your thought. Just repeat those words, repeat them always, repeat them endlessly and the seed of Evil will bear fruit. Your faithful servants are scruffy politicians who are horrified by criteria based on merit, operetta historians who rewrite history according to their own canons, lazy journalists who, unable to venture into a serious investigation, prefer to Xerox copy what others wrote, mainly Solar Imbeciles, experts in Everything and capable of Nothing, who dominate the immense spaces of the ocean of Internet users, and embellish themselves with high-sounding English terms.

The compound word I would like to talk to you about today is part of the rich Politically Correct Vocabulary of which you are a Monopolist: “Deviated Freemasonry”.

It’s clear that the term Freemasonry is not a brand  and none of us can be responsible of a few crafty criminals who disguise themselves as Freemasons, therefore the generic term can only assume a historical significance that “Oxford Languages” summarizes as: “Secret association, born in England in the XVIII century,  characterized by an ethical content inspired by the Enlightenment (fight against ignorance, liberation from any prejudice and religious fanaticism, aspiration to universal brotherhood) and by a particular symbolism inspired by masonry “. Nothing to complain for so far, but be careful, because it continues as follows: FIGURATIVE. “A coterie of people linked by common interests and protected by a jealous discretion”.

Here comes the trick that you and your associates use to spread your lies extensively throughout the earthly world! There is a real world, in which Freemasonry had an important historical role, and a figurative world, yours, created in your image, in which freemasonry (with a lowercase f) is a useful container to be filled with everything that is convenient to you or, better, a weapon of “mass distraction”, one of the many that you Dictators have always used to “divert” suspicions, concrete and real, about you and your evil conduct, towards non-existent enemies as they are figurative and symbolic or represented ad hoc! In fact, “Oxford Languages” itself defines the adjective “figurative” as follows:

1) Based on the intent to provide an analogical and original representation of sensitive and real objects.

2) Due to the nature or function of a symbol.

The first definition unmasks your true intent, that is, you try to describe your enemy according to your peculiar canons, looking at yourself in the mirror, representing him in your image and likeness.

The second sounds like a retaliation: “whoever strikes by symbol perishes by symbol”.

Both demonstrate your perfidious cunning, which is sublimated, finally, in the “euphemistic” use of the adjective “deviated”.  Here you offer your enemy, Freemasonry, a life preserver:  “enlist with us, and we will save you” – thus Freemasons will become “docile” like the “bishops” appointed by the Chinese government- “if you do not enlist with us you will be a deviant”-  that is a container into which to pour all the possible lies.

We are not with you, dear Pensée Unique.

Freemasons, true and liberal, are serious and honest people: use the adjective “deviant” for yourself:  as long as one of us is alive you will never sleep peacefully!

A Liberal Freemason (P.S.)

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