Starting today, on a monthly basis, we present the commentary on a sentence or a statement or an aphorism of great personalities, even non-Initiates, who have fought for the freedom and rights of man. Let’s start with George Orwell, the great English writer, author of the unforgettable dystopian masterpieces “1984” and “Animal Farm”, real indictments of those cruel and inhuman dictatorships that have indelibly stained the last century.

“If freedom means something, then it means the right to tell people things they don’t want to hear.” George Orwell (1903-1950)

The topicality of this thought is immediately striking, a sharp metaphorical arrow that hits the “politically correct” heart, today’s cultural lymph of dominant thought. The demolition of the statues of Columbus (colonialist!), the condemnation of “Romanism” (imperialist and slaver!), the contempt for the Catholic Church (sexist and homophobic!), the downsizing of the “traditional family” (nothing more than an option like so many others), the obligation to kneel before a football match (but what do we have in common with the billionaire basketball players of the NBA and the trigger-happy American cops?), the gutted love for Cain (Abel has no rights?) are some of the expressions of the dominant nihilism. Nothing has a value, history is only a succession of horrors and errors, the future is an imminent catastrophe, the sin is a religious invention, the law is the oppressor’s weapon, morality is an independent variable, ethics is the heavy armor worn by the “respectable” ones. From this self-destructive plasma only despair, fear and blind acquiescence to the cunning faceless dictator are born.

Ideological or militaristic authoritarianism is replaced by the grin of the anthropologically superior “right-thinkers”, who censure or frustrate our every attempt to get out of the design traced by the silent Dictator. The curators of the “social networks”, modern banner holders of the “single thought”, are preparing to draw up “ban lists”. It will no longer be the 451 degrees Fahrenheit of the flamethrowers, used by the “arsonist firefighters” described by Ray Bradbury, to cause the burning of books. The owners of the most popular sites on the Web will only need a “click” to eliminate dissidents, pain in the ass, “crazy” free thinkers together with their writings, their ideas, the values ​​to which they refer. The “free men” have two possible options:  or, for the sake of peace, they will plunge into the river of the “conventional” and “correct”, abandoning themselves to the current that will drag them into Nothingness, or they will decide to affirm their freedom and, as Orwell says, they will not be afraid to tell other people things the others don’t want to hear.

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