A Cultural Collaboration Agreement Signed In Ancona

//A Cultural Collaboration Agreement Signed In Ancona

On 28 December 2022, during a public meeting at the Masonic House in Ancona, a collaboration agreement was signed between the Associazione Gran Loggia Liberale and the Associazione Culturale Ptéros in Fano (PU).

The Ptéros Cultural Association has been involved for years in studies and research on Traditional thought, in its progressive development starting from the philosophers of ancient Greece, crossing the hermetic traditions of the ancient Mysteria, Eastern and Vedic spirituality, the teachings of the Kabalah, the alchemical hermeticism, up to the thoughts of the most recent philosophers and esotericists of the modern and contemporary eras.

The Ptéros Association has favored the publication, presentation and distribution of texts and essays on the Primordial Tradition in its development in Western and Eastern cultures, in particular the texts published by Edizioni ĀŚRAM VIDIĀ (http://www.edizioniasramvidya.it/ asramvidya/), whose collection includes over 40 titles.

The collaboration agreement between the two associations will favor the synergy of organizing cultural events open to the public and will stimulate the members to exchange knowledge mutually in the common interest of giving answers to the questions that have always afflicted Man, in his continuous attempt to unravel the mystery of Life and Creation.

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